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A Bigger Vision of Stewardship with Jason Myhre

Faith & Finance

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May 19, 2023

God has entrusted us with much more than money and possessions - He has given us stewardship of His entire creation. We must remember that God has commissioned us to be royal stewards over all that He has made, and this stewardship can help us to be more content with the things in our lives and to open our hands in generosity to those in need. Jason Myhre, Executive Director of the Eventide Center for Faith & Investing, explains that there are two levels of stewardship and two levels of investing. On one level, investing is about seeking a good return, and on another level, it involves our supply of capital that supports a business. We must be wise in our decisions to generate a good return on God's creation and make the world a place of delight. There is an entire industry of Christian faith-based investments that seek to pay attention to both sides of stewardship.

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