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Is Your Bank Unbiblical? With Aaron Caid

Faith & Finance

Christian talk radio with Rob West

August 18, 2023

Aaron Caid, Chief Marketing Officer at Christian Community Credit Union, has found that Christians are increasingly choosing to bank with their values. CCCU surveyed over 1300 professed Christians and found that over 30% had considered switching their bank in the last 12 months, with Christian values being one of the top three reasons why. Over 60% cared deeply about managing their finances biblically, and over 50% said it was now more important than ever that their bank reflects and supports their Christian values. CCCU offers customers a way to address both their faith and financial needs, having been following Christ followers for more than 65 years. Rob also answers listener questions on today's program about getting rid of a timeshare, giving, whole life insurance, and meeting the financial needs associated with caring for a foster child.

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