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September 13, 2023

This series examines how a Christian economic worldview should look like and how to return to God's plan for a healthy economy. It is highlighted that the economy of Genesis 1 and 2 is the ideal state of affairs as designed by God, but humanity abandoned this ideal. The current era is the "church era" where God's influence operates through the church in various nations, with some following, some abandoning, and others moving toward biblical principles. The US has seen rapid growth due to adherence to these principles, but this is slowing down due to violations. The church is where the desired transformation should take place, and it has the capacity to do the right thing independently of the nations. Individuals have direct control over their personal economies, and the focus should be on doing what is right, regardless of the scale. To get back in line with God's design, the church should serve as a model for handling money better than the world does and adopt a prophetic role.

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