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3 Steps to Bless Your Pastor With Brian Kluth

Faith & Finance

Christian talk radio with Rob West

September 20, 2023

Brian Kluth is a best-selling author and national spokesman for the annual Bless Your Pastor initiative, organized by the National Association of Evangelicals. The initiative provides a three-step program for churches to bless their pastors and staff, including downloading free materials, taking up an appreciation offering, and publicly honoring the pastor and staff. The "50 Ways to Bless Your Pastor" resource provides ideas on how to pray for, affirm, encourage, and offer practical assistance to pastors. Collecting an appreciation offering is a gift to help pastors and staff, and celebrating can involve various forms of recognition or appreciation. All materials and information can be found at blessyourpastor.org. Rob also answers listener questions about converting traditional retirement accounts to a Roth IRA, starting a Roth IRA with a monthly contribution, taking a lump sum or an annuity from a pension, and making a checking account earn more interest without taking risks.

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