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August 23, 2022

Have you ever thought about the almighty power contained in a simple hymn? Have you felt the promise delivered in the lyrics of your favorite classic gospel song? For over 50 years, Joni (pronounced Johnny) Eareckson Tada has been confined to her wheelchair after a diving accident. On today’s edition of Family Talk, she shares that she often awakes feeling burdened with the struggle. But when Joni reads her Bible and sings a hymn, she gains an eternal perspective. Inevitably, God fills her with a fresh outpouring of His grace and an incomprehensible joy. In their book, O Worship the King: Hymns of Praise and Assurance to Encourage Your Heart, Joni and her co-authors, Robert Wolgemuth and his late wife, Bobbie, point to the treasure trove that the body of Christ has in the ancient hymns.

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