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Abortion Pill Reversal: A Second Chance at Life

Family Talk

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October 28, 2022

As a college freshman, Rebekah Hagan found herself pregnant with her second child. Already an unwed mother to her son, Eli, whom she had when she was seventeen, Rebekah was overwhelmed and fearful. On today’s edition of Family Talk, she shares with our own Dr. Tim Clinton that she proceeded with the steps to have a medication abortion with the rationale that she would rather face her Heavenly Father later, than her earthly father’s disapproval now. After taking the abortion pill at a nearby Planned Parenthood, she had instant regret. In God’s providence, Rebekah found the website AbortionPillReversal. com, and was connected with a pro-life doctor who prescribed progesterone to counteract the deadly abortion pill. Eight months later, Zechariah, her healthy baby boy, was born.

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