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December 2, 2022

By his own admission, Lee Strobel was once a narcissistic, drunken, self-absorbed atheist. When his wife, Leslie, became a believer, he wanted a divorce. After two years of trying to disprove Christianity, the Chicago Tribune journalist was overwhelmed by the avalanche of evidence, and ultimately gave his life to the Lord. On today’s edition of Family Talk, Strobel continues discussing his book and film, The Case for Heaven, which takes a hard look at evidence of the afterlife and answers poignant questions concerning what happens when we leave this life. After having almost died, himself, 10 years ago, Strobel interviewed one of his heroes, evangelist Luis Palau, who was dying of stage four cancer at the time. Palau offered invaluable advice, No one will ever regret being courageous for Christ!

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