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Discover timeless insights into marriage and parenting each weekend on FamilyLife This Week with Michelle Hill. Each week Michelle brings biblical perspectives on current issues affecting our marriages and families. This casual, magazine-style broadcast features interview highlights from today's most popular and powerful speakers and Christian leaders.

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Nov 21

Preparing for Thanksgiving

Most people know what to prepare for when it comes to the food of Thanksgiving, but what about preparing to interact with relatives over controversial topics like politics in the current cultural climate? Darrell Harrison talks to Michelle Hill, and coaches listeners about how to be kind and gracious with family members.

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Most of us enjoy the perception of security when we lock our doors at night. But true, soul-deep security can only come when home is built on The Rock, Jesus. Barbara Rainey encourages believers that our ultimate security is only in our eternal home.

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Nov 7

Safe At Home

These days, many people feel it wouldn't be safe to go outside without a mask on. And yet others need to arm their security system at night in order to sleep. According to Barbara Rainey there's one place we might not be securing, and it's probably doing more harm than good. Barbara outlines what it takes to make your home safe, on FamilyLife This Week.

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How does a mom anticipate the birth of a child when she knows the baby will have special physical needs once he or she is born? Tracy Lane talks about anticipating the birth of her third child, a boy named Davis, that doctors identified as having Spina Bifida. Tracy talks about her journey towards surrender with God. Gina Flood talks about Jenny, who was born with Downs Syndrome.

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How do you make decisions for educating your children in the midst of a Pandemic? It depends on so many factors, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. Hear how three moms, Tracy Lane, Gina Flood, and Shannon Simmons, who come from different backgrounds, and live in different parts of the country, came to different decisions for educating each of their children.

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