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Discover timeless insights into marriage and parenting each weekend on FamilyLife This Week with Michelle Hill. Each week Michelle brings biblical perspectives on current issues affecting our marriages and families. This casual, magazine-style broadcast features interview highlights from today's most popular and powerful speakers and Christian leaders.

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Oct 19

Stress in Marriage

There are common stressors in marriage that need to be worked through regularly. Crawford Loritts tells about a time he and his wife, Karen, experienced three of the top 10 marriage stressors simultaneously. Emerson Eggerichs, Laura Taggart, and Paul David Tripp coach couples on how to walk through stress in marriage in such a way that it strengthens your relationship.

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Do you have a child with special needs? Do you know someone who does? Find encouragement in the stories of others on the same journey. Ginny Owens, Jennifer Shaw, Paul MIller, Sarah Parshall Perry, and Amy Julia Becker share stories of faith, joy, and hardship unique to parenting special children.

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What does it mean to be courageous? Whether it's taking a stand for Christ, or simply refusing to buckle under peer pressure, courage can be cultivated in our everyday decisions. Barbara Rainey, Karis Kimmel Murray, Tim and Darcy Kimmel, and Stephen Williams give their definitions of courage, and stories of their own courageous decisions.

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It's a devastating loss when a loved one dies, especially when it is unexpected. Al Hsu talks about the complex grief he experienced when his father took his own life. Ron Deal and his wife, Nan, talk about the sudden loss of their middle son, Connor. Michelle Hill gives an example of how to listen to others who are grieving this weekend on "FamilyLife This Week."

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Contrary to popular belief, most grief is not processed in a neat little package of five steps. Ron Deal and Abigail Dodds each talk with Michelle Hill about processing different kinds of grief. They maintain that all kinds of grief should be processed--and not avoided--in order to pass through it in a God-honoring way.

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