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Discover timeless insights into marriage and parenting each weekend on FamilyLife This Week with Michelle Hill. Each week Michelle brings biblical perspectives on current issues affecting our marriages and families. This casual, magazine-style broadcast features interview highlights from today's most popular and powerful speakers and Christian leaders.

Recent Episodes

Mar 28

Walking Past the Trial

When you're faced with a life-threatening illness, how does it affect your walk with God? Hear Sarah Shreve Lindsey talk about a number of health concerns that challenged her faith in God.

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There's a reason Jesus tells believers not to worry in Matthew 6:25, and parents need His words as much as anyone. Bob Lepine, Dennis Rainey, Winfred Neely, and Jeff and Debbie Schreve explain how they entrust their children to the Lord's care. Tim Challies addresses the unique challenges of the current COVID-19 situation in our country.

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Even as adults, we find experiences from childhood, tainting our decisions and behaviors. Dave and Ann Wilson, Ron Deal, Milan and Kay Yerkovich, Julie Plagens, and Leslie Leyland Fields tell how each of their pasts affected them negatively and how they dealt with it.

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Life never turns out with a happily ever after. What do you do with the pain that inevitably rolls through? Dave Wilson, Ron Deal, Kyle Idleman, Lacey Buchanan, and Mary Kassian tell their stories of hurt and disappointment, and their biblical source of hope.

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From tantrums to food and bedtime battles, Courtney Reissig and Maria Goff join moms in the "trenches" of raising toddlers. Paul David Tripp helps us see the bigger spiritual principles at stake in training small children.

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