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Discover timeless insights into marriage and parenting each weekend on FamilyLife This Week with Michelle Hill. Each week Michelle brings biblical perspectives on current issues affecting our marriages and families. This casual, magazine-style broadcast features interview highlights from today's most popular and powerful speakers and Christian leaders.

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Sep 12

Is School in Session?

Parents are making some difficult decisions regarding school this fall. As a teacher, Nan Deal offers suggestions for forming a cooperation between teachers and parents to make sure children are learning.

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Dennis Rainey gives a message at a local prison, and some of the gentlemen in that prison catch a vision to be the spiritual leaders of their families even while being incarcerated. Also, hear from Pete Leonard, a coffee roaster, who wants to bestow dignity and worth to former prisoners.

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Hear what Dennis and Barbara Rainey have learned over 40 years in ministry. They share valuable lessons learned sometimes through success but more often through failure.

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This weekend on the broadcast, Jaquelle Crowe shares what her parents did right in giving her a strong faith. Her dad, Sean Crow, shares how important it is to live a transparent life in front of your children. Listen as we strive to help parents raise godly teens of character, on FamilyLife This Week.

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Bryan Carter talks about seven habits healthy families have, starting with having our priorities in line and paying special attention to how we spend our time.

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