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FamilyLife is passionate about helping families pursue the relationships that matter most. Hosted by Dave and Ann Wilson the daily FamilyLife Today® program offers practical help and biblical hope for the challenges facing today’s families—all in a setting that is candid, honest and entertaining too.

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Jan 26

Fight For Love after Porn: Rosie Makinney

From her own blistering story, author and podcaster Rosie Makinney offers biblically-based, proactive action to take back your marriage from porn.

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How do we protect our marriages in a world that tries to pull us apart? John and Debra Fileta break down three main areas of needed protection and share invaluable advice from their own marriage.

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"My spouse is having an affair. What do I do now?" Affairs expert Dave Carder walks through searing betrayal, what you need to know, and what to do next.

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Counselor Dave Carder, author of The Anatomy of An Affair, explains how attractions & addictions develop and how to guard your marriage against them.

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You want a connected marriage. You have two very different people who want what they want. David and Meg Robbins chat about what helps them live unified.

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