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Christian talk radio with Dave and Ann Wilson with co-host Bob Lepine

FamilyLife Today is a daily half hour program that  provides practical, biblical tools to address the issues affecting families in today’s world. You’ll hear in-depth interviews with noted authors, experts and pastors. Hosted by Dave and Ann Wilson along with radio veteran Bob Lepine, FamilyLife Today provides “Help for Today, Hope for Tomorrow” with encouragement and resources to effectively develop godly marriages and families who change the world one home at a time.

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Apr 21

If I Could Turn Back Time- Dads With Daughters

Dads, what do you wish your daughters would say about you when you are gone? It's never too late to win your daughter's heart. Michelle Watson Canfield encourages fathers to stay invested in their daughters' lives.

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Men often like to cut to the bottom line of a conversation, but a girl's heart often opens by sharing words. Michelle Watson Canfield bridges that gap by sharing practical communication tips, along with ideas of what to do when a daughter pulls away.

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Girls long for a good relationship with their dads, but dads often have a hard time knowing how to talk to their daughters. That's why Michelle Watson Canfield wrote her most recent book, "Let's Talk." Michelle shares conversation starters that can knit the hearts of dads and daughters together in a meaningful way.

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Our words are so important in managing our households, but sometimes our words get us in trouble. Chap Bettis discusses with hosts Dave and Ann Wilson the need for a strategy in the home and some practical ideas of what that can look like.

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Chap Bettis explains how to evaluate our anger toward our children. Anger is not always sinful, but can be destructive, so he talks about having good desires for our kids and expressing those desires in constructive ways.

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