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Christian talk radio with Dave and Ann Wilson with co-host Bob Lepine

FamilyLife Today is a daily half hour program that  provides practical, biblical tools to address the issues affecting families in today’s world. You’ll hear in-depth interviews with noted authors, experts and pastors. Hosted by Dave and Ann Wilson along with radio veteran Bob Lepine, FamilyLife Today provides “Help for Today, Hope for Tomorrow” with encouragement and resources to effectively develop godly marriages and families who change the world one home at a time.

Recent Episodes

Sep 17

Finding a New Dream

Authors Ryan and Selena Frederick talk about their early years of marriage when they headed overseas to fulfill Selena's dream of working on a horse farm in Switzerland. Selena worked as an au pair/groomer and Ryan worked as a stable boy, until Ryan's health took a turn for the worse. Ryan tells how an infection in his heart valve and open heart surgery changed his perspective on life and tested his marriage.

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Sep 16

Thoughts on Purity

Ryan and Selena Frederick, authors of "Fierce Marriage," reflect on meeting in 8th grade and the romance that unfolded in their high school and college years. Desiring to keep their relationship pure, they decided to marry at 20 and 21 years old. Together they tell how waiting until marriage to be sexually intimate didn't ensure them the instant fireworks they expected and that in reality, oneness in sex took time and effort.

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Sep 13

What if He’s Not Worthy of Respect?

When a husband doesn't deserve respect, should his wife show it anyway? Shaunti Feldhahn describes what many women have discovered by doing just that. This isn't a naive pep talk. It's a presentation of transformational steps wives can take when their husband shows little respectability.

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Sep 12

The Power of the Tongue

Words can encourage and give life, or they can destroy and kill. Dave and Ann Wilson tell how they learned this principle the hard way in their marriage and family.

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Sep 11

Appreciating the Song of Solomon

Wheaton College President Phil Ryken sheds some light on the passionate poetry of the Song of Songs. The book is a collection of songs about a couple whose relationship is heading into marriage. The main characters, Solomon and the Shulamite, value and love each other. They can't wait to be together, and express their love to one another eagerly and expressively.

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Sep 10

Waiting on Love

Phil Ryken, president of Wheaton College, helps us understand the deeper meaning behind the Song of Songs by walking us through each alluring chapter. First he explains the meaning behind Song of Songs 2:7: "Do not arouse or awaken my love until she pleases," and points listeners back to God's design for sexual intimacy. He also reflects on his honeymoon and the wise choice he made after struggling through his and his beloved's first disagreement.

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Sep 9

Understanding the Song of Songs

Wheaton College President Phil Ryken discusses the greatest love song that has ever been written: the Song of Songs. One of the main ways God speaks to us is through the wedding relationship. Song of Songs is the soundtrack for the romance that begins in Genesis and ends on the wedding day of Revelation. Ryken shows us how Solomon's passion for his bride mirrors Christ's passion for us.

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