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FamilyLife is passionate about helping families pursue the relationships that matter most. Hosted by Dave and Ann Wilson the daily FamilyLife Today® program offers practical help and biblical hope for the challenges facing today’s families—all in a setting that is candid, honest and entertaining too.

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Jun 5

Sexual Purity after Purity Culture: What Should We Know? Dean Inserra

Serious flaws in purity culture deserve scrutiny—especially given its lasting negative effects on some raised in the movement. Many Christians today reject wholesale the movement and all that it stood for. But is there still a place for sexual purity? Author Dean Inserra dives into God's flawless design for sex.

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Is God anti-gay? FamilyLife LGBTQ+ Specialist Rob Hudson and Sam Allberry, a pastor and bestselling author who's experienced same-sex attraction, offer perspectives on how to respond to gay friends and loved ones.

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What do Christians do with Pride Month? On FamilyLife Today, Dave and Ann Wilson host Sam Allberry--a pastor and author who's experienced same-sex attraction. He offers thoughtful, wise, and compassionate principles on LGBT+ issues.

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Following her dad's death, Lina Abujamra found herself in a desert: literally, figuratively. She knows what it is to wonder if God is with you, or just a mirage. From Scripture and her own experience, Lina dusts off the gifts of a spiritual desert.

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Somewhere along the way, the Christianity she knew began crumbling. Lina Abujamra shares about fractured faith—and deconstruction that brought her back to God.

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