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April 18, 2023

Unexpected Saviors: Nana Dolce

Throughout the Bible, God employs unexpected saviors. Author Nana Dolce peers into the lives of Old Testament women who intervened for His people.

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FamilyLife is passionate about helping families pursue the relationships that matter most. Hosted by Dave and Ann Wilson the daily FamilyLife Today® program offers practical help and biblical hope for the challenges facing today’s families—all in a setting that is candid, honest and entertaining too.

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Broadcast Episode

Friday, May 24

How to Overcome Shame: Esther Liu

Shame: It's the voice in your head whispering that you're not good enough, that you'll never measure up. We can drag around this baggage of shame without even realizing it. Esther Liu chats about how to find healing and ways to overcome generational shame and cultural influences.

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Broadcast Episode

Thursday, May 23

Parenting–and the Shame of Falling Short: Esther Liu

Could shame be shaping your parenting? Esther Liu shares how shame impacts relationships, parenting, and self-worth. From cultural influences to personal struggles, she explores real-life examples of how shame can affect our parenting styles. Ready to break free from this cycle?

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Broadcast Episode

Wednesday, May 22

Help Me Get Rid of Shame: Esther Liu

Wrestling with shame? Maybe you're comparing yourself to others, feeling like you fall short--or even say, 'I can't forgive myself.' Perhaps you carry the weight of your past, hoping nobody unearths the mistakes or the pain you've endured. Esther Liu shares how to recognize signs of shame and heal from childhood shame.

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Broadcast Episode

Tuesday, May 21

Finding Quiet on God’s Journey for You: Jamie Grace

Award-winning musician Jamie Grace has struggled with Tourette's, ADHD, and anxiety. Here's how she's leaning into God's journey for her—and found quiet.

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Monday, May 20

138 Cancer, NFL, and Family

Ex-NFL football player Devon Still and his wife Asha married shortly after Devon's young daughter, Leah, went into remission from stage four cancer. While rejoicing over Leah's healing, they were soon blindsided by blended family struggles.

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