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September 12, 2023

When Finding Success Feels Empty: Bryan & Stephanie Carter

You've found the success you were shooting for. Why does it feel so...disappointing? Bryan Carter, author of Made to Last, is joined by his wife Stephanie as they share their own story of success, emptiness, and seeking true significance.

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FamilyLife is passionate about helping families pursue the relationships that matter most. Hosted by Dave and Ann Wilson the daily FamilyLife Today® program offers practical help and biblical hope for the challenges facing today’s families—all in a setting that is candid, honest and entertaining too.

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Redefining Masculinity: Kevin “KB” Burgess & Ameen Hudson

Rapper Kevin “KB” Burgess and Ameen Hudson examine the critical causes and effects of the crisis of masculinity--and the kind of manhood that changes the world.

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Broadcast Episode


Jesus on the South Side: Kevin “KB” Burgess & Ameen Hudson

Rapper Kevin “KB” Burgess and influencer Ameen Hudson know the realities of racial injustice, crime, and violence from the South side of the streets. And they aren't bashful about how Christianity is flagrantly misrepresented--yet relentlessly has the chops for all life can pitch at it. Get ready for an introduction to the true Southside Rabbi.

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Tuesday, June 11

Helping Kids Navigate Intense Emotions: Sissy Goff & David Thomas

Could your behavior be affecting your children's emotions? Sissy Goff and David Thomas explore how parental strategies might contribute to child anxiety.

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Broadcast Episode

Monday, June 10

Attentive Parenting–or Just Overprotective? Sissy Goff & David Thomas

Wondering if you're being attentive--or could you be one of those overprotective parents? Join Sissy Goff and David Thomas as they talk about parenting fears, emotional baggage, and effective strategies. Discover the thin line between being vigilant and overprotective, and how to navigate it.

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Friday, June 7

How to Know God’s Will

Ever wonder about what God wants for your life—how to know God's will? Feeling lost or anxious about what's next? Shelby Abbott shares rock-solid wisdom to navigate uncertainties, find direction in work, school, and missions. Whether you're picking a career, sorting out relationships, choosing a major, eyeing mission work, or just facing big changes, Shelby offers guidance to help you discern God's will and steer through life to find real purpose.

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