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Focal Point is the daily, half-hour radio ministry of Mike Fabarez, Senior Pastor at Compass Bible Church in South Orange County, California. A graduate of Moody Bible Institute, Mike Fabarez has been in pastoral ministry for over 25 years. He is committed to clearly communicating God’s Word, verse-by-verse so that listeners can apply it in their daily lives. Picking up on the compass metaphor used in the name of the church, Focal Point’s theme verse is found in Psalm 43:3 “Send out your light and your truth; let them lead me."

Recent Episodes

Oct 11

Is the Bible Accurate?

We all know that nobody's perfect! So, how can we be sure the imperfect authors and transcribers of scripture didn't make mistakes along the way? Does the Bible really contain the accurate words of God? Discover the answer in an eye-opening edition of Ask Pastor Mike.

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Whether it's a great review from a client or an "Atta boy!" from your coach, we all love being honored for our hard work and skill. But if we want to hear God say, "Well done," we must remember that our ability to serve Christ doesn't depend on our own power, but on God's undeserved favor!

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There's something in the human heart that longs to be self-reliant. But when it comes to religion, this desire to "earn our own way" can be absolutely deadly and lead us away from the gospel. Pastor Mike describes the danger of self-made religion and the true purpose of good deeds.

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There are plenty of inspirational speakers who claim to represent God. But just because someone claims the name of Christ doesn't necessarily mean they're teaching his word correctly. Pastor Mike explains how can we tell the difference between false, worldly religiosity and religion that's pleasing to God.

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In this message, Pastor Mike kicks off a new series called "When the World Gets In the Way." We're learning how to overcome the challenges and distractions of our twenty-first century world in order to be fully focused on God's Kingdom and mission.

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