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Christian talk radio with Mike Fabarez

Focal Point is the daily, half-hour radio ministry of Mike Fabarez, Senior Pastor at Compass Bible Church in South Orange County, California. A graduate of Moody Bible Institute, Mike Fabarez has been in pastoral ministry for over 25 years. He is committed to clearly communicating God’s Word, verse-by-verse so that listeners can apply it in their daily lives. Picking up on the compass metaphor used in the name of the church, Focal Point’s theme verse is found in Psalm 43:3 “Send out your light and your truth; let them lead me."

Recent Episodes

Jul 17

The Fear of Broken Relationships Part 3

We all want a happy home life. No one enjoys conflict with their friends or loved ones! But when we follow Christ, we'll likely experience a certain degree of conflict, especially if our loved ones aren't believers. Learn how to handle the inevitable battles biblically on this edition of Focal Point!

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Jul 16

The Fear of Broken Relationships Part 2

Some false teachers guarantee that being a Christian means you'll experience health, wealth, and happiness in this life. But Mike Fabarez explains that that isn't the case at all! In fact, following Christ will likely lead to more suffering and conflict in this present life. But we have hope that carries us through!

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Jul 15

The Fear of Broken Relationships Part 1

There are some Bible verses you aren't likely to find on a greeting card. In this message, Pastor Mike Fabarez unpacks a passage you might have never studied before. Though some of it may be uncomfortable, all of scripture is breathed out by God, and it's essential to gaining a deeper knowledge of his character.

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Jul 12

Why Go to Church?

Why should we go to church? Is it an arcane and outdated institution, no longer relevant today? On this edition of Ask Pastor Mike, we'll discuss God's design for the body of Christ in action. There's a benefit and a blessing when you're part of a vibrant Christian community!

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Jul 11

The Fear of Responsibility Part 3

Many people treat the church like a social club. But if we're truly following Christ, we aren't members of a club. We're servants committed to a Master! That's the subject Thursday as Pastor Mike Fabarez unpacks the parable of the faithful servants who stayed awake through the night watching for their master's return.

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Jul 10

The Fear of Responsibility Part 2

When you buy a gym membership, you gain access to a whole host of resources and equipment. Whether or not you use them, though, is completely up to you. There's usually no accountability! But that isn't the case in our Christian lives. Wednesday, we're talking about our accountability before God.

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Jul 9

The Fear of Responsibility Part 1

"So, what do you do?" That's typically one of the first questions we ask when making a new acquaintance. Our culture likes to define us by our employment. But in Christ, we've got a bigger identity and a more important job that supersedes our title at work.

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