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Focal Point is the daily, half-hour radio ministry of Mike Fabarez, Senior Pastor at Compass Bible Church in South Orange County, California. A graduate of Moody Bible Institute, Mike Fabarez has been in pastoral ministry for over 25 years. He is committed to clearly communicating God’s Word, verse-by-verse so that listeners can apply it in their daily lives. Picking up on the compass metaphor used in the name of the church, Focal Point’s theme verse is found in Psalm 43:3 “Send out your light and your truth; let them lead me."

Recent Episodes

Mar 21

Remembering Who We Are Talking To Part 3

"Hallowed" isn't a word we hear very often these days. In fact, a lot of us might not have more than a vague notion about what it means! So Pastor Mike Fabarez clears up the confusion, explaining what it looks like, practically, to hallow Gods name.

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Mar 20

Remembering Who We Are Talking To Part 2

On the surface, prayer seems like a fairly simple exercise. It's just talking to God, right? Well, yes and no! We're discovering how the holiness of God should transform our hearts' posture when we come before him in prayer.

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Mar 19

Remembering Who We Are Talking To Part 1

When writing a letter to your boss, you likely take a different tone than when you're texting a friend. Who you're addressing changes the way you speak! And Pastor Mike Fabarez explains how God's character should transform the way we approach him in prayer.

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Mar 18

The Importance of Prayer Part 3

Depending on your religious background, the word "prayer" might bring a few different things to mind. But what is biblical prayer like? Pastor Mike Fabarez addresses that question as he continues our series called Christ's School of Prayer. We're learning from the greatest pray-er of all time, Jesus himself.

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Mar 15

St. Patrick's & Saints Day

For most people, St. Patrick's Day means wearing green and enjoying some Irish-inspired treats! But, what's St. Patty's Day all about anyway? We're looking at the real-life story of St. Patrick and being inspired by his legacy of bold evangelism on this edition of Ask Pastor Mike.

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Mar 14

The Importance of Prayer Part 2

When you feel like you're drowning, it's only natural to shout for help! And that's how a lot of people treat prayer. But that wasn't how Jesus prayed! Today on Focal Point, Pastor Mike Fabarez is taking us through prayer boot camp as we learn from the greatest "pray-er"of all time!

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Mar 13

The Importance of Prayer Part 1

When tragedy strikes, everyone says they're "praying for the victims"even people who aren't religious! But, is that what the Bible means when it talks about prayer? Today on Focal Point, Pastor Mike Fabarez teaches us the difference between intuitive prayer and biblical prayer.

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