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Focus on the Family Weekend: Jul. 29-30 2023

Focus on the Family Weekend

Christian talk radio with Jim Daly

July 29, 2023

Describing some of the challenges young girls face, Dannah Gresh exposes the lies they are being told about their friendships, themselves, and God. She shares how parents can help their daughters combat these lies with the truth. She also discusses the importance of falling in love with God as your true source of fulfillment.   Then award-winning Christian vocalist Larnelle Harris reflects on his five-decade music career, sharing the valuable life lessons he’s learned about putting his family first, allowing God to redeem a troubled past, recognizing those who’ve sacrificed for his benefit, and faithfully adhering to biblical principles amidst all the opportunities that have come his way.   Receive the Lies Girls Believe Bundle and the audio download of the broadcast "Helping Your Daughter Navigate Friendships" for your donation of any amount! Plus, receive member-exclusive benefits when you make a recurring gift today. Your monthly support helps families thrive.   Subscribe to Brio magazine for your daughter. Each issue is packed with inspiring, faith-based articles and practical advice on culturally-relevant topics.   Career, Calling, and Christian Vocation -- There are opportunities for ministry in every walk of life.   If you've listened to any of our podcasts, please give us your feedback.

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