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Focus on the Family Weekend: Aug. 19-20 2023

Focus on the Family Weekend

Christian talk radio with Jim Daly

August 21, 2023

Courtney Ellis tells the story of how she suffered from a severe panic attack at work and had no idea why. The anxiety kept persisting, and she felt consistently overwhelmed by seemingly nothing. She discovered that her husband was also struggling with anxiety, so they worked together to find the root of the problem. They discovered how many things they had stuffed into their home and schedule. They began to purge their house, schedule, and media subscriptions and discovered how much deeper their relationships with God, each other, and their families became. In this interview, Courtney will talk about how you can pare down what you own and free up your schedule. She'll also discuss how parents can help their kids clear out the clutter. Receive the book Uncluttered for your donation of any amount! Plus, receive member-exclusive benefits when you make a recurring gift today. Your monthly support helps families thrive. Get a one-year subscription to Focus on the Family magazine! How Do I Declutter My Life? Key Areas to Organize If you've listened to any of our podcasts, please give us your feedback.

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