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November 9, 2019 | Ministry Highlight: Ty Perry (Poland Trip)

Friends of Israel Today

Christian talk radio with Chris Katulka

November 8, 2019

Building Bridges, Bringing Hope. That is our tagline here at The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry. For our Ministry Highlight program this week, we’re excited to share with you a way our North American team is building bridges with the Jewish community. We welcome to the program Ty Perry, one of our workers in Las Vegas, NV and Rabbi Felipe Goodman. Ty and Rabbi Goodman have a unique relationship that began in a Bible study and they will be sharing with Chris about their recent experience traveling to Poland and the Holy Land together. We know you’ll be encouraged to hear how God has brought these two, an evangelical Christian and a Jewish Rabbi together, and how they both are bridging relationships inside the Christian and Jewish communities. And maybe it will inspire some of you pray for open doors in the Jewish community. You will often hear us say that Jewish people need friends. We owe them so much—they gave us our Messiah! Anti-Semitism is growing worldwide and we believe the Bible is very clear that God will bless those who bless the Jewish people (Genesis 12).

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