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February 15, 2020 | Here We Stand | Things to Come, Chris Katulka

Friends of Israel Today

Christian talk radio with Chris Katulka

February 14, 2020

As Christians, many of us read our Bibles, go to church, are involved in a small group or Sunday school class, and pray regularly. But for many of us, if someone asked us to explain with Scripture why we believe that God is not finished with Israel and the Jewish people or why is prophecy important, we would have a hard time giving a clear answer. Several months ago our magazine, Israel My Glory took The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry’s doctrinal statement and broke it down to explain what we believe as a ministry. Our ministry was blown away by the responses we received. People stopped us at conferences and thanked us, we received letters, emails, and phone calls from those who said they believe what The Friends of Israel believes and this was a way to put that belief into words. This surprising response helped us see we needed to put what we believe into booklet form. And it also made us see the need to share about it here, on our radio and podcast. Our Christian foundations are just that, foundational. This week Chris Katulka will wrap-up our series sharing with us on the subject of prophecy and things to come. Our desire is for all of us to get this right! We want to know why prophecy is important in our daily walk as Christians and Chris’s message can help! We hope you’ll be encouraged and learn to better explain what you believe!

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