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Dr. John F. MacArthur, Jr. is heard throughout North America and around the world on Grace to You, an outstanding Bible-teaching outreach. The program is based on sermons from the pulpit of Grace Community Church in Panorama City, California.

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Dec 10

The Amazing Child of Christmas, Part 1

John shows you the one child whose birth was anticipated for thousands of years . . . was announced by a host of angels . . . and brought the hope of salvation to condemned sinners.

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John begins a series of messages that can help you stay focused on what's important this holiday season - the birth of Christ. He'll also show you how that birth 2000 years ago affects your life today.

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What sets the Bible apart from the Koran or the Book of Mormon? Why believe Scriptures true . . . and all other religious texts are false? If a skeptic asked you to prove the Bible comes from God . . . what would you say?

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No doubt, the world is quite a bit different now than it was even 10 years ago. Yes, times change . . . and they bring new problems. So, how can the Bible - an ancient book - offer relevant solutions to today's toughest problems? Can it still meet your greatest spiritual needs?

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For every problem that comes along, man creates a new electronic device, prescription drug, or surgical procedure to fix it. But how has he done with spiritual problems . . . the kind computers and medicine can't touch?

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