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Dr. John F. MacArthur, Jr. is heard throughout North America and around the world on Grace to You, an outstanding Bible-teaching outreach. The program is based on sermons from the pulpit of Grace Community Church in Panorama City, California.

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Jul 26

The Murder of God’s Son: A Prophetic Parable, Part 1

A few years ago, a Christian leader said this about non-Christians: "They’re on their way, just as certain as I’m on my way. And what we need to do is to be tolerant with each other and not assume that our way is the only way." Question: How do you suppose Jesus would respond to that church leader? Would Jesus affirm his views?

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You’re going to see the boldness Jesus had when He faced hypocritical, false teachers. I urge you to listen closely...because, bottom line, you need the same attitude toward false doctrine that Jesus displays.

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What should you do if your pastor starts introducing doctrinal error...begins embracing dangerous, damning theology? How tolerant should you be? What can you learn from how Jesus approached false teaching and false teachers?

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Does doctrine matter to God? How did Jesus deal with those who brought dangerous, damning error to God’s people...and what can and should you learn from His example? Today on GRACE TO YOU, John shows you how Jesus dealt with enemies of biblical truth-it’s part of his study titled...How to Talk to a Heretic.

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You’ll see an attitude of Jesus that’s vitally important for Christians to embrace, yet too often is ignored, even in many churches. Stay here for a look at an explosive encounter between Jesus and enemies of biblical truth.

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