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In Touch with Charles Stanley tackles such issues as parenting, finances, personal crises, our emotions and relationships as well as providing instruction for personal spiritual growth by focusing on prayer, the character of God, fellowship through His Holy Spirit, and the Person of Jesus Christ.

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Oct 12

Does It Matter What You Believe? - Part 2

Does it really matter what you believeas long as you believe something? In this message, Dr. Stanley explains our beliefs determines our attitudes toward ourselves, others, our vocation, and our finances. Know what you believe and why you believe it so you can stand against false and erroneous teaching.

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Predestination. Election. Foreknowledge. These teachings have been the topics of seemingly endless debate and even disagreements among Gods people. But what do these words mean? And do they matter outside a seminary classroom? The points and counterpoints about what God knows, whom He chooses, and what man decides, are all very complex. In this message, Dr. Stanley helps us examine some key truths from Scripture about Gods foreknowledge and its relationship to predestination, election, and salvation.

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In this message, Dr. Stanley discusses the sovereignty of God and the implications His authority has on creation and our relationship with Him. Acknowledging Gods sovereign nature is vital for believers to serve Him wholeheartedly and to accomplish His purposes with confidence. If youve ever found yourself questioning the limits of Gods power or the wisdom of His decisions, this message will provide a sound biblical basis for faith and trust in our omnipotent, omniscient Father.

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In the Bible, there are many examples of people procrastinating to their own doom. Find out how to put off procrastination once and for all in this powerful message from Dr. Stanley.

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Why is it that we often hear about believers who walk away from their calling - whether disgusted, disillusioned, or discouraged in the work of the Lord? The problem is that they aren't doing God's work God's way. Find out the two things we must do to truly accomplish what our heavenly Father requires.

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