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February 08, 2020

Satan's Successful Snare

But... Such a small, simple word. Yet those three letters constitute rebellion when we say them in response to God's direct commands. In this message, Dr. Stanley explains that partial obedience to God isn't obedience at all. It's rebellion. If we want God to use our lives for His mighty purposes, we must listen and obey His voice. Learn how to surrender your will to the Lord and walk according to His.

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About In Touch

In Touch Ministries is the broadcast teaching ministry of Dr. Charles Stanley. Leading people worldwide into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and strengthening the local church. Dr. Stanley’s teachings have given us a firm foundation to develop ministry leaders and reach the next generation with the gospel of Jesus Christ. In Touch Ministries are constantly seeking new ways to spread the good news and are here to support you as you grow closer to the Lord each day.

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Broadcast Episode


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Saturday, April 20

Maturing in Christ

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Friday, April 19

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Wednesday, April 17

An Impactful Prayer

We know our requests align with God's will when they come directly from Scripture.

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