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Leaving a Godly Inheritance - Part 2

In Touch

Christian talk radio with Charles Stanley

May 6, 2022

Unlike an earthly inheritance that is passed on after death, a spiritual one is imparted over the course of a lifetime through godly words and actions. From the moment a child is born, parents have the opportunity to pour themselves into that young life. But remember, you cannot give what you do not' have. This is why parents and grandparents should develop their own spiritual lives first so they can invest in the lives of their children. There are many spiritual treasures you can leave to your children that will have a lasting impact on their lives. Dr. Stanley shares how you can instill: - A desire to follow Jesus. - A reverence for God's Word. - An understanding of how to listen to the Lord. - A pattern of obedience - A faith that conquers the trials of life. - A forgiving heart. - An orderly lifestyle. - A servant's spirit. - A generous hand. - Sincere love. As you tackle the task of leaving a spiritual inheritance, ask the Lord for wisdom and to help you equip your kids to live in a way that is beneficial to them and pleasing to God.

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