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How to Claim a Promise - Part 1

In Touch

Christian talk radio with Charles Stanley

May 19, 2022

Dr. Stanley discusses the "static" we feel in our spirits when we’re not in the will of God. Our entire belief system is based on the promises of God, and we can trust God to be faithful to keep them all. However, many people miss out because they neglect Him and don’t take hold of the promises God has made to His children. When we have personal needs God has promised to fulfill, we should remember He will only do so when: - The context of Scripture allows it. - Fulfilling His promise honors Him. - Fulfilling His promise is consistent with His immediate will for our lives. - Fulfilling His promise is an encouragement to others. - We willingly walk in obedience to His will. Also, we can know He will fulfill a promise when: - The Spirit of God confirms it. - The peace of God prevails in our minds and spirits. We ought to respond to the Lord with obedience, faith, and patience. Many people pray right prayers and ask for right things but make mistakes because they are unwilling to wait. God created time and is in control of it. All we must do is trust that He will bring about His plan for our lives in His time

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