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What If You Were to Die Tonight? Part 2

Insight for Living

Christian talk radio with Chuck Swindoll

December 28, 2017

Death. The topic is strewn with the litter of fear, ignorance, denial, and superstition. For many, death is viewed as an unsolvable mystery, a vague departure from this life that leaves those who remain disillusioned and confused. Others hold erroneous beliefs about death, including soul sleep, reincarnation, and the possibility of making contact with the spirits of the departed. For most, its one of those socially unacceptable subjectssomething nobody wants to discuss. Therefore, it surprises many that, rather than ignoring the subject and skirting the issues surrounding it, the Biblelike no other bookfaces death head-on. It offers reliable, God-inspired information that answers most of our questions and calms our fears. In fact, the Bible not only addresses heaven, the death-related subject everybody wonders about; it also speaks openly and authoritatively about the death-related subject most choose to deny altogether: hell. During His earthly life and ministry, Jesus taught clearly about both heaven and hell. In the passage well consider in this message, He brought both to the surface in an amazing story we cannot forget.

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