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There She Goes . . . Miss Persia!, Part 3

Insight for Living

Christian talk radio with Chuck Swindoll

October 2, 2018

Did you know God can accomplish His purpose through conflict? Even in something as small as an argument? The author of Esther began by placing us in the royal courts of Persia, recounting for us King Ahasuerus lavish and lengthy parties during which Queen Vashti refused his command to display her beauty. Having been slighted by the queen, the angered king set into motion a series of eventsorchestrated by Godthat brought the young Jewish peasant, Esther, into the kings consideration for a new empress. Both Esther and Ahasuerus had not the slightest clue of Gods plan. God moves in mysterious ways during those mundane days, even if we havent the least awareness of His providential hand.

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