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Grace: It’s Really Amazing!, Part 1

Insight for Living

Christian talk radio with Chuck Swindoll

February 11, 2019

What is grace? Ask any theologian or serious Bible student and you will likely hear a two-word answer: unmerited favor. That definition, while true, is not entirely complete. As well learn in this series, grace surrounds usin fact, envelops usevery day of our lives. Grace is behind all of Gods actions. Grace prompts Gods involvement in our lives. It takes the galling exactness out of our efforts to please Him, and it relieves us from the choking grip of needless guilt. When grace is understood and applied, we are no longer afraid of God and no longer demanding of others. Grace is at the heart of our eternal salvation. It removes all human effort from Gods plan, and it motivates us to unity, harmony, and tolerance. Small wonder Satan, the enemy of our souls, works overtime to distort and deny this magnificent truth. Grace: it is truly amazing!

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