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Janet Mefferd Today is a daily, half-hour talk show that takes a Christ-centered look at life, covering news and important cultural issues that matter to Christians today. Janet Mefferd talks to the newsmakers as well as leading Christian pastors and thinkers, tackling the issues and helping to inform, challenge and edify listeners.

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Jan 26

Carol Tobias (Abortion Report), Patrick Prill (Atheists)

What are some of the key pro-life legislative developments across America? Carol Tobias, president of National Right to Life, joins me to share details from its latest report, "The State of Abortion in the United States." Plus: How do we respond to some of the ridiculous assertions of the New Atheists? I'll talk it over with Patrick Prill, author of the book, "Things Atheists Say That Simply Make No Sense."

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President Biden was barely sworn into office before he issued a draconian LGBTQ+ executive order that would destroy girls' sports and undermine their safety in locker rooms and restrooms. He's also planning to place homosexual and transgender activists into high-ranking government positions. What will Biden's fanatical adherence to the LGBTQ+ agenda mean for Christians and our freedom of religion? I'll discuss it with Peter LaBarbera, president of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality, on JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

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Forty-eight years after the Roe v. Wade decision, President Biden said he wants to circumvent a right-leaning Supreme Court by making Roe the law of the land! Will it happen? Mark Crutcher, president of Life Dynamics, joins me. Plus: The Left ramps up its rhetoric over targeting and expunging its political enemies. We'll address that and more on JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

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Joe Biden takes the reins as the next president of the United States, but his first-day's executive actions show that his call for "unity" is just a hollow platitude. I'll explain why. Plus: Katy Faust discusses why children's rights to their natural mom and dad cannot be superseded by adult desires for twisted versions of a family. Her book is called: "Them Before Us: Why We Need a Global Children's Rights Movement." Join us for JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

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Two progressive Portland filmmakers have released a disturbing movie trailer, calling on Leftists to mount a digital citizens army against Trump supporters. We'll explain why it's just more baseless propaganda designed to quash the political opposition. Plus: Dr. David Kyle Foster of Mastering Life Ministries explains how Cancel Culture has affected his outreach to those struggling with homosexuality and other forms of sexual brokenness. Join us for JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

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