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Life in the 901

Christian talk radio with Steve Coplon and Shelley Sumner

Life in the 901 is produced by Bott Radio Network for our Memphis listeners every Monday at 3pm. With a heart to encourage men and women to choose life, hosts Shelley Sumner and Steve Coplon highlight news and interview special guests on this half-hour broadcast. Life in the 901 is supported by the friends of Life Choices.

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Aug 8

Life in the 901 // August 8, 2022

Steve Coplon, CEO of Life Choices, tells how LC defends life, and share Jesus with every one who visits the ministry to give them an opportunity to have eternal life. Using the book of John, he shares how Jesus is The Life, Eternal Life.

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In Life Choices Baby Prep program, the client is paired with a coach that they will meet with weekly, and they will continue meeting through her entire pregnancy. The Client has the opportunity to earn privileges' through her active participation in Baby Prep. Listen to Angela Dormer as she shares her experience as a volunteer coach in the Baby Prep program with Shelley Sumner, Director of Development of Life Choices.

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Steve Coplon, CEO of Life Choices, speaks on how fervent prayer is the need of the hour in our nation, and encourages all Christians to spend time with God in corporate prayer.

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Rachel Davis, Community Outreach of Life Choices, shares a couple of client's stories, highlights the services that Life Choices offer free of charge to women in need, and mentions the guest speaker for their biggest fund-raiser, their annual banquet.

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Steve Coplon thanks the listeners that have been praying for the 9 justices of the Supreme Court, and rejoices in several of the decisions that they have made in June, especially the overturning of Roe, but states that the battle for life continues in the states. He asks for everyone to continue praying for our nation. Originally aired 7/4/22

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