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Christian talk radio with Shelley Sumner and Laura Messick


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September 18, 2023

LIFE TALK TENNESSEE // September 18, 2023

Laura and Shelley share wisdom from a pro-life conference they attended recently. They mention how God has always blessed Life Choices, Portico Story, and other Pro-Life organizations abundantly, exceedingly more than they could ever imagine.

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About Life Talk Tennessee

Life Talk Tennessee is produced by Bott Radio Network for our listeners in Tennessee and airs every Monday at 3 PM in Memphis and every Saturday at 9:30 AM in Nashville. Co-hosts Shelley Sumner (CEO of Life Choices of Memphis) and Laura Messick (Executive Director of Portico Story) discuss pro-life values, issues, and calls to action for believers and supporters of LIFE in our state. Shelley and Laura, representing their respective Pregnancy Medical Centers, share their heart for equipping mothers and fathers in our communities to choose and cherish life, and what you can do to join in this important Kingdom Work!

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Broadcast Episode

Monday, July 8

Life Talk Tennessee // July 8, 2024

Today, Shelley and Laura are honored to speak with Senator Marsha Blackburn about a post Roe world and about the work that goes on in the fight for life.

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Broadcast Episode

Monday, July 1

Life Talk Tennessee // July 1, 2024

Victoria Robinson joins Laura and Shelley today to talk about Reassemble, and the great fruit that has come from Portico and Life Choices facilitating one of the retreats in their communities.

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Broadcast Episode

Monday, June 24

Life Talk Tennessee // June 24, 2024

Shelly and Laura are joined by Jamie Willis, a post abortive woman who shares her story of healing through post abortion care.

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Broadcast Episode

Monday, June 17

Life Talk Tennessee // June 17, 2024

Laura and Shelley's guest today is  Anne O'Connor, JD. Anne is the Vice-President of Legal Affairs with NIFLA, the National Institute of Family and Life Advocates. Anne brings great insight into the legal and ethical issues surrounding pro-life issues in our nation post Roe. 

Broadcast Episode

June 10

LIFE TALK TENNESSEE // June 10, 2024.

Listen to Reverend Hal Hall, founder of Great Awakening Church and Network of the Global Methodist Church, as he relates to Shelley and Laura, the forming of his new ministry and transition from the United Methodist Church to the Global Methodist.

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