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Living a Legacy is a weekly Bible teaching program featuring Dr. Crawford Loritts with a goal to bring about spiritual awakening and maturity in the body of Christ through a clear message from God’s Word. Dr. Loritts is a nationally known Bible speaker, author and is committed to encourage and shape the next generation of leaders.

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Sep 22

Faithfulness - Part 2

Series: "Big Rocks" - Matthew 25: 14-30 / The Parable of the Talents in Matthew 25 isn’t so much a lesson on good investing as it is about faithfully using the gifts God has given us. So are we using the gifts and abilities God has given us for His glory and to further His kingdom?    

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Series: "Big Rocks" - Matthew 25: 14-30 / Lasting change and impact are rarely the result of momentary flash and flare. It is that time tested, consistently displayed life quality of faithfulness that tends to really stand out. Crawford Loritts takes a look at that in this program.  

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Series: "Big Rocks" - Hebrews 11 / Crawford is explaining three incredible statements that the writer of Hebrews makes in chapter 11. In the last program, Crawford highlighted the first statement, “Faith is the Confident Reality of the Future.” More on that and the remaining two statements in this program.

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Series: "Big Rocks" - Heb 11: / When things seem to slow down in our spiritual lives, could it be that we are placing more emphasis in our efforts and not those of God? Do we have full confidence in His ability to lead us? Crawford continues his series looking at what he calls the “big rocks’ that we need to stand firmly upon.

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Series: "Big Rocks" - John 7: 37-39 / As followers of Christ, the Holy Spirit shouldn’t be a distant thought in our minds. He needs to fill us, every day. He needs to be in control of our thoughts and actions. And when we let Him, He provides the power for living.

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