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Living a Legacy is a weekly Bible teaching program featuring Dr. Crawford Loritts with a goal to bring about spiritual awakening and maturity in the body of Christ through a clear message from God’s Word. Dr. Loritts is a nationally known Bible speaker, author and is committed to encourage and shape the next generation of leaders.

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Dec 1

2023-12-03 - The Word of God - Part 2

How much time are we spending in God’s Word? For the Psalmist David, God’s Word was everything to him. It provided comfort, wisdom, inspiration, and strength. We’ll see how David’s love for God’s Word provides a framework in which to examine our own love of Scripture.

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Psalm 19, 2 Tim 3: 16 / The Bible… how do you view it? Is it God’s Word or is it to you, just a history book, offering good advice or interesting stories? It’s important to know what God says about the Bible and the warning he gives when we disrespect it.

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Series: "Be Disciples. Make Disciples" - Romans 12: 1-8 / When you use the gifts God has given you, do you feel the freedom, fulfillment, and joy that comes with that? When we all use our gifts and abilities, the body of Christ functions as it should.

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Series: "Be Disciples. Make Disciples." - Romans 12: 1-8 / When you hear the word “Stewardship” do you feel a sense of uneasiness? Do your thoughts go to whether or not you’re regularly supporting the church financially? Well, Stewardship isn’t just linked to how often you are giving in the offering plate at church or online. Stewardship involves your gifts and abilities and how you’re using them to give effective balance to your local fellowship of believers.

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Series: "Be Disciples. Make Disciples." - Joshua 1: 1-11 / Are you biblically and spiritually courageous? Is your faith firmly in God? The Old Testament character Joshua learned how important it was to be courageous. He had to be, taking on the mantle of Moses. His new role required great wisdom and a constant trust in God. What are the lessons we can learn?

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