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Mid-South View Point

Christian talk radio with Byron Tyler

Mid-South View Point is a public affairs program addressing concerns that are vital to the Christian community in the Mid-South. This show is produced by Bott Radio Network in Memphis.

Recent Episodes

Jul 1

Salute to the Veterans of America // July 1, 2020

Retired US Navy Chaplain Don Ballard at 96-years-old provides riveting insight into his life and service in the US Military during the Second World War. This program is designed to pay tribute to all of the men and women who have served and are currently serving our country to defend the rights and freedom we share as Americans.

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Leah Michelle Simpson of Nurturing My Nest talks about her latest book, Hum of the Home: The Rhythms and Routines of Homemaking. Leah also pays tribute to her mom, Aloha; who recently transitioned to heaven after battling pancreatic cancer.

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If there was an instruction book on how to be the best dad that you can be, what would it teach you about your role as a Dad? Paul Washer, founder of HeartCry Missionary Society shares from the timeless instruction book calling Dads to step up and do their jobs.

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Dr. Lee E. Brand, Jr. Vice President and Dean of Seminary at Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary shares through a Biblical lens currents events in our nation. Lee grew up in Nettleton, MS to biracial parents with strong family ties. Over their 46 years of marriage, Lee’s parents have encountered many instances of discrimination. Lee shares examples of being profiled because of skin color. He provides Biblical reference to the early church dealings with multi ethnic people coming together under the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

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Comedian Michael Jr. has appeared on The Tonight Show, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Comedy Central, and was in the movie "War Room." On his national comedy tours, Michael packs venues over 800,000 people each year. On this episode, Michael Jr. talks about the movie "Selfie Dad" where he plays Ben Marcus healthy, happily married with two beautiful kids, and a successful career as a reality TV editor that’s going through a mid-life crisis. The Selfie Dad movie cast includes comedian- Chonda Pierce, veteran actor James Denton of the Good Witch, Karen Abercrombie from "War Room," Shelby Simmons; Ava on Disney’s "Bunk'd.", and singer- song writer Jamie Grace.

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