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Mid-South View Point

Christian talk radio with Byron Tyler

Mid-South View Point is a public affairs program addressing concerns that are vital to the Christian community in the Mid-South. This show is produced by Bott Radio Network in Memphis.

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Oct 15

Finding God’s Favor in a War Zone // October 15, 2020

Carole Ward of Favor International Ministries, an indigenous mission movement in Northern Uganda and South Sudan, shares her incredible faith journey to enter a war zone when all other relief organizations had pulled out. Carole says this was God’s answer to her desperate prayer, “Lord, let me lay my life down for you, where no one else wants to go, and to do what no one else wants to do.” Carole tells engaging people who have suffered horrific traumatic emotional pain and suffering due to war and how God mightily works through prayer.

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Dr. Bartholomew Orr talk’s about his new book, "ORR-DINARY LESSONS - Seven Principles for an Extraordinary Life." Dr. Orr is the Senior Pastor of Brown Missionary Baptist Church in Southaven, MS founded in 1882 by former slaves.

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Dominique Winfrey, from teen gang member and drug addict to Law School graduate working in the County Mayor’s office.

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Marjorie Radford Andrews turns 95 years old today and celebrates her birthday and life story with us.

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Marlon “Big Dog” Brown joins guest host Jeff Patrick to tell his story of living homeless on the streets of Memphis. Big Dog grew up very poor in a home without running water. His mother died from cancer when he was nine, leaving him to a physically and verbally abusive step-father. Although he excelled in both athletics and academics, his feelings of abandonment and worthlessness contributed to his using drugs, drinking, and criminal activities; forfeiting a four year scholarship and landing him in jail. It seems like he was living in a revolving door repeating the same mistakes and bad choices, until he began to read the Bible to prove that Christianity was false. That’s when everything changed for Big Dog. Jeff Patrick is a staff pastor at Memphis Union Mission.

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