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Addressing Adverse Childhood Experiences // October 24, 2018

Mid-South View Point

Christian talk radio with Byron Tyler

October 25, 2018

Charlie Caswell, Associate Pastor at The House Memphis and founder of Legacy of Legends CDC is joined by Dr. Richard Hamlet, President of Global Ministries Foundation on this episode of Mid-South View Point with host Byron Tyler. Discussion centers on a Good News Festival being coordinated by these and other partnering ministries for the Frayser-Raleigh community. These festivals include free food, entertainment, social services, and a message from Dr. Hamlet that explains the gospel. Pastor Caswell also shares how his ministry addresses adverse childhood experiences for those living in low income and high crime neighborhoods. This show aired on October 24, 2018 on the Bott Radio Network affiliate 640 AM and 100.7 FM in Memphis, TN.

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