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First Female Circus Ringmaster // February 1, 2023

Mid-South View Point

Christian talk radio with Byron Tyler

February 1, 2023

Cheyenne Dailey, Ringmaster with UniverSoul Circus is originally from Trinidad and is the circus’ first female ringmaster. Cheyenne got her start back home as a limbo fire dancer. She provides details, history, and stories about the circus entertainers who perform under the BIG TENT. UniverSoul Circus was founded in 1993 by Baltimore native and Atlanta resident Cedric Walker, a concert promoter who wanted to showcase multicultural talent. Performers in the circus are from various parts of the world including, Mongolia, Brazil, South Africa, and Caribbean Islands. Many of the performers come from multi-generational families of circus entertainers. These performers have developed their skills from a very early age, and some worked for Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey prior to its closure in 2017.

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