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Racism, not a Skin Issue // February 8, 2023

Mid-South View Point

Christian talk radio with Byron Tyler

February 8, 2023

Bishop Vincent Mathews, Jr., Senior Pastor of Tabernacle Church and President of the Church of God In Christ World Missions, overseeing the growth of the work of God in 112 countries worldwide, shares his family’s story of living in South Africa, as missionaries. When the Matthews family arrived, some ten years after “Apartheid”, there were still residual effects that created problems in the townships, even in all black townships. Bishop Matthews also recalls growing up in Michigan where he had a negative racial encounter that caused him to hate white people and follow the writings of Malcom X. It was through Vincent’s fathers’ example, a Ford factory worker, who was a Christ follower sharing the gospel with all races of people and inviting white people into their home. This display of genuine love for people caused Vincent to examine the course of destruction his life was heading. Bishop Matthews is bringing Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis to his church, March 12th to present biblical truth and scientific proof that God created only one race.

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