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Flying Into Remote Villages // July 18, 2023

Mid-South View Point

Christian talk radio with Byron Tyler

July 18, 2023

Nard Pugyao shares how having the Bible changed his entire life. It was 1956 when Wycliffe Bible translator Dick Roe arrived in Nard’s Mountain village of Dibagat in the Philippines. Nard watched Dick learn his language called Isnag and begin to translate the Gospel of Mark. Nard was curious about God, so he began to study the booklet Dick was working on. He learned that when Jesus dies on the cross, He didn’t stay dead; He was risen! Nard was amazed, and he decided he wanted to give his heart to Jesus. It wasn’t long before Nard knew that he wanted to be a part of helping others get the Bible in their own language too. He went into aviation (that’s learning how to fly airplanes) and joined Wycliffe in 1977 — over 20 years after Dick Roe first came to Nard’s village to start translating the Bible! On June 24, 1982, Nard got to fly the first 500 copies of the Isnag New Testament into his home village and give them to his community. This interview originally aired in 2009.

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