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“Paul, The Last Apostle” TV Series // September 12, 2023

Mid-South View Point

Christian talk radio with Byron Tyler

September 12, 2023

Actor Ulises Larramendi who portrays Paul in the TV series, “Paul, The Last Apostle” shares how he landed the role. Larramendi grew up in Cuba and later studied acting and theater during his time in university. He and his wife own and operate a restaurant in Hoston, Texas. Memphian, Oscar Gonzalez is the Executive Producer, creator, and writer for this TV series. The remarkable story of the life of the Apostle Paul is repeated every day as sinful and broken people throughout the world are transformed by God’s saving grace in Christ Jesus. That’s exactly what the creators of “Paul: The Last Apostle” want to capture in this series, because there are many today who need to hear and see how God’s love can change their lives, just as it did with Paul.

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