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Fighting for Our Freedom Series- Three // November 01, 2023

Mid-South View Point

Christian talk radio with Byron Tyler

November 1, 2023

Vietnam War veteran, Bob Wieland lost his legs to a mortar mine. In Vietnam in June 1969, his squad walked into a mine field. When a member of his unit stepped on a booby-trapped mortar, Wieland rushed to give first aid but he, too, stepped on an 82mm buried mortar, a round designed to destroy tanks. It severely damaged his legs; they had to be amputated above the knee. In a letter to his parents after his accident, he wrote: June 14, 1969, Dear Mom and Dad. I'm in the hospital. Everything is going to be O.K. The people here are taking good care of me. Love, Bob. P.S. I think I lost my legs. After recovering from his injuries, he was inspired to become a marathon participant. Over his lifetime he has finished many marathons, often taking multiple days to finish. He is the only double amputee to finish the difficult Kona, Hawaii Ironman race without a wheelchair. He "ran" across America on his hands, taking three years, eight months, and six days to travel from coast to coast. Before joining the Army, Wieland was a three-sport athlete on the verge of signing a Major League Baseball contract with the Philadelphia Phillies. Wieland has been a strength and conditioning coach for the Green Bay Packers.

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