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Ministry in the Marketplace is the weekly radio outreach of Rev. Richard L. Hamlet, President/CEO of Global Ministries Foundation in Cordova. Ministry in the Marketplace explores scripture to discover how to effectively engage individuals to reach America’s greatest and most accessible mission field—the marketplace.

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May 8

Love God. Love People.

Has anything ever made you feel like you weren’t good enough? To some degree, we all face some sort of insecurity. All through scripture, we find story after story of how God used ordinary people in the middle of their “weakness.” This week, we’ll visit with Author/Public Speaker, Brian Sanders. Brian’s stance on biblical leadership will inspire you to impact your marketplace. Also, Richard shares from the book of 1 John. Don’t miss this week’s program!

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This week, Lizzy Cohen with Public School Exit joins us. She’ll share some practical steps on how we as believers can impact the next generation despite the antichristian curriculum taught in our schools. Also, Richard shares a challenging message from the book of Jude!

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For over 200 years, America has been called “The Great Melting Pot.” And at the heart of our adversity is our freedom to worship. Unfortunately, our nation has drifted away from the principles on which it was originally founded. This week, we’ll visit with Tony Perkins, President of the Family Research Council. Since 1983, FRC has been defending religious liberty in our great country. Also, Richard shares a challenging message from the book of Isaiah!

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Apr 17

Wasting Time?

Did you know that the average person will spend approximately 90,000 hours of their life at work? How are you making use of your time? This week, Richard breaks down three challenging points from the book of Acts. We’ll also visit with Bob Lambert, Host of Faith Marketplace Radio and Podcast! Similar to our show, Faith Marketplace encourages and equips believers to impact their marketplace for Christ!

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Apr 10


Daily, our youth are faced with some of the darkest attacks against Christian values. As brokenness surrounds them, so many are left searching for answers. Today’s guest is Charmayne Hafen. Charmayne has taken her experience in child grief counseling and has written an allegory book series called "The Land of Twilight" Trilogy. It was strategically written to address some of the cultural issues that are weighing on our kids. Her hopes are that this series will not only be an inspiration to others but will help the next generation to discover their true purpose and identity through Christ. We got the chance to sit down with Charmayne, while on the road, to find out more about this allegory. Also, Richard shares from the book of Daniel and talks about God’s presence in our lives through difficult seasons.

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