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Ministry in the Marketplace is the weekly radio outreach of Rev. Richard L. Hamlet, President/CEO of Global Ministries Foundation in Cordova. Ministry in the Marketplace explores scripture to discover how to effectively engage individuals to reach America’s greatest and most accessible mission field—the marketplace.

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Jul 24

Wrestling with God

This week, Richard visits with Dr. Del Tackett to find out how The Engagement Project is being used to transform the marketplace. He’ll also break down three challenging points from the book of Genesis. The post Wrestling with God appeared first on Ministry in the Marketplace.

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Jul 17


In the early ’60s, Tim Gray’s father gave his life to the Lord after watching a sermon on television. That moment changed the trajectory of his entire family. It was then that Tim decided he wanted to use different forms of media to share the gospel. Also, Richard shares from the book of Psalms.

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Did you know that Christian Comedian, Actor, and Author, Michael Jr. got his start in a crowded movie theater when he was dared to entertain the audience after the projector broke? Tune in this week to hear how God is using him to bring laughter to the marketplace! Also, Richard shares from the book of John.

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Every week, we get the chance to visit with people who are using their platform to make a difference. Today, we’re visiting with Dallas Jenkins. Dallas is the Creator, Writer, and Director of The Chosen, the first multi-season series about the life of Christ. Before we visit with Dallas, Richard shares from the book of Daniel.

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Richard breaks down three points from the book of Job. We’ll also take you back to a conversation with National Talk Show Host, Author, and Conservative Columnist, Todd Starnes. Todd has a passion for sweet tea and storytelling! But even more so for God and country. He’s also a New York Times Bestselling Author.

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