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Christian talk radio with Richard L. Hamlet

Ministry in the Marketplace is the weekly radio outreach of Rev. Richard L. Hamlet, President/CEO of Global Ministries Foundation in Cordova. Ministry in the Marketplace explores scripture to discover how to effectively engage individuals to reach America’s greatest and most accessible mission field—the marketplace.

Recent Episodes

Jul 6

An Act of Forgiveness

Today, Richard shares from the book of Acts and visits with Suzy Linett. Suzy grew up in a Jewish home and she gave her life to Christ at a young age. Now, God is using her in ways that she never would've imagined. Her latest devotional, "God is in the Waiting," takes you on a 52-week journey through scripture with an eye opening experience of what it means to rely on God through some of life's most difficult seasons.

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Jun 29

A Living Sacrifice

Today, Richard shares from the book of Romans with ideas on how to impact your marketplace for Christ. And later, we'll visit with Kimberly Tyson from Nightlight Christian Adoptions. Kimberly is the Director of the Snowflakes Embryo Adoption program. She'll share how the team at Nightlight is impacting families by guiding them through the adoption process of choosing life.

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Jun 22

Come Home

Today, Richard shares from the book of Luke with a reminder that no matter where you are, God's love never fails! And later, Robert Glover shares how his nonprofit (Care for Children) is impacting orphans in China.

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Jun 15

It Is Finished.

Today, Richard shares from the book of John and breaks down the significance of Jesus' last words on the cross. And later, Mark Story shares how the Tide Radio ministry is able to reach people with the gospel who have never heard.

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Jun 8


Today, Richard talks about the redemptive power of God from the book of Isaiah. And later, Dr. Jim Garlow shares how Well Versed Ministries is impacting world leaders from a Biblical standpoint.

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Jun 1

Talking With God

Today, Richard shares from the book of Colossians and visits with Daniel Borunda, Writer/Producer of the new TV series, "America Unscripted."

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May 25


Today, Richard shares from the book of Romans and talks about the importance of being bold and unashamed when it comes to living out our faith. And later, we'll visit with a couple of guys who are making a big splash in Hollywood. George Vincent and Rick Irvin are the producers of the new film, Heavenly Deposit. It's based on a real life event that completely shook George Vincent and changed the trajectory of his life.

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