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September 6, 2018

The nations largest grocery store chain is signaling its had enough of high credit card fees charged to merchants.Is a war looming between grocery stores and credit card companies? The combatants in the sruggle are Kroger and Visa, each with millions of dollars at stake in the contest. Today, Rob West and Steve Moore share their insights on the credit card controversy. Next, they answer your questions at (800) 525-7000 and [email protected] about the following: - We have a condo and the HOA is $500 per month. We just heard that the HOA needs to replace roofs, a retaining wall, and a parking lot. Were concerned that our monthly fees are going rise. Should we sell the condo? -Are credit monitoring companies required to notify the consumer when an inquiry is initiatedfor the purpose of employment? -Im deployed in Afghanistan. Thieves are taking advantage of the fact that deployed members of the armed forces cant keep as close a watch over their identity and credit as when theyre home. I need some help to protect my identity while Im overseas. -My wife and I tend to wait until the end of the month to write our tithe check. Is this the right approach? -Because of medical bills, my wife and I have decided to sell our rental property. I dont know what kind of tax implications that will have on us. What do you think we should do? Be sure to check out our new website at to connect with a MoneyWise Coach or access our books, videos, or any of our free helpful resources.You can also find us on Facebook. Thanks for your prayerful and financial support that helps keep MoneyWise on the air.And if you'd like to help, just go to the website and click the Donate tab at the top of the page.

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