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October 11, 2018

Everybody talks about stewardship, but what does it really mean? And as believers, how well do we actually practice it?In a culture that glorifies materialism, true stewardship should stand out.Today, Rob West and Steve Moore discuss the nuts and bolts of biblical stewardship. Next, they answer your questions at (800) 525-7000 and [email protected] about the following: - I helped a young lady by cosigning on her car loan. She has not been paying and wont answer my calls. What should I do? -I have a 31 year old daughter living in a house we own. She hasnt paid rent for several months. I want to evict her, but my wife doesnt like that idea. What should we do? -Im a general contractor. In my 30-plus years of experience, Ive noticed that some claiming to be Christians dont feel any responsibility to pay their bills. Have you notice that, too? Be sure to check out our new website at to connect with a MoneyWise Coach or access our books, videos, or any of our free helpful resources.You can also find us on Facebook. Thanks for your prayerful and financial support that helps keep MoneyWise on the air.And if you'd like to help, just go to the website and click the Donate tab at the top of the page.

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