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Tis the Season for Giving, Michael King


Christian talk radio with Rob West

December 13, 2019

With a bit of planning you can make the most of year-end giving to bless your church or other worthy ministries. Today on MoneyWise, National Christian Foundations Michael King joins host Rob West to help us kick off the special giving season. A first key step in maximizing our giving is setting up a donor-advised fund. With this, we can simplify and leverage our giving. Donor-advised funds enable us to automate our giving. It also allows us to give anonymously. Non-cash contributions (and most of our wealth is in this form) can often provide a double tax benefit. If you own a business, you can give a small interest in your business. This will maximize your charitable deductions on an annual basis. Real estate and property we can give a partial interest with it as well, and this income is often completely tax free to the charity. The most leveraged tax gift we can make is with stock gifts. The strategy of bunching facilitates giving two or more years worth of charitable contributions in a single tax year to get above the standard deduction. To learn about the deadline dates and more, visit the National Christian Foundation: www.ncfgiving.com/ In today's show we also answer your questions: My business has failed. And through investments, I've lost all of my life savings, including the advance on my inheritance from my parents. So, I'm 65 and retired with zero savings. I'm afraid of the future and need advice on how to start up again and to have something to live on. In the pursuit of education, I've gotten myself into $110,000 in student loan debt. I'm getting married soon. My fiancé and I are trying to figure out whether we should save the equity on the parsonage where well live, buy our own house with it later, or should I pay off this student loan instead?

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