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Giving Is the Good Life With Randy Alcorn


Christian talk radio with Rob West

December 21, 2019

What if everything you think you know about living the good life is wrong? Society tells us it's filled with wealth, success, and leisuremore is always better. Why then do we so often hear that money can't buy happiness? It turns out that the good life is defined by something other than what's in your wallet. Today, our host Rob West welcomes best-selling author Randy Alcorn to find out what that might be. -We must help the weak, remembering the words the Lord Jesus himself said: It is more blessed to give than to receive. - Life does not consist in the abundance of your possessions. - So often, some of us, when thinking about giving and generosity, say, Well, that's for someone who has lots more money. And yet, a lifestyle of givingwhat Jesus intended when we hold loosely what He's entrusted to usis the message for everyone. - The worlds view of the good life does not satisfy and has often been shown to lead some into depression and self harm. - We've been hard-wired for giving and were most like God when we give. There's joy in giving and helping others. - Randy Alcorns new book is Giving Is the Good Life: The Unexpected Path to Purpose and Joy In today's show we also answer your questions: - My husband and I are in our late 50s and we've been thinking about long-term care insurance. What advice can you give? - I just transferred a balance on a credit card to take advance of 0% interest for 21 months. I know that having a new card will affect my credit score, currently 781. I don't plan to use the old card again. How long should I wait until I close it?

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