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December 24, 2019

It's an uncomfortable subject and is something most couples don't like to think aboutone spouse outliving the other. Women usually outlive men and that more often means the wife will become a widow. Losing a husband is difficult enough, but adding the burden of managing money (maybe for the first time) makes the challenge overwhelming for many. MoneyWise host Rob West welcomes Valerie Neff Hogan to talk about a new resource that can help. Valerie Neff Hogan is an attorney and a certified financial planner. She and her mom, Miriam Neff, the founder of Widow Connection, have put together an extremely helpful video series for women faced with managing their finances in difficult times. It's called, Wise Women Managing Money. What is affinity fraud and why are widows especially vulnerable to con artists? One way that widows can protect themselves is by adding a name on their portfolio of a trusted contact person through whom all asks and transfers must be approved. Crisis can equal opportunity. Psalm 77:19 says, Your path led through the sea, your way through the mighty waters, though your footprints were not seen. God will lead you through troubled times if you lean on Him. Scripture says you're uniquely formed. You're more resilient than you think. When God created you He knew each day of your life. The upheaval you're facing today is no surprise to Him. Discover new friends in new ways and places. Learn from others. You can network and explore things online. Connect with those who've gone through similar struggles. Often a widows friendship network shrinks, but you don't have to let it. You can't have the past back, so what would you like your future to look like? This time of crisis can be a time for a fresh start. Learn more at http://widowconnection.com In today's show we also answer your questions: What are HELOC loans and do you recommend them? Tell me more about how to talk to my financial professional regarding strategies on retirement investments. To ask your questions, call (800) 525-7000 or email them at [email protected] Also, visit our website, moneywise.org, where you can connect with a MoneyWise Coach, purchase books, and even download free, helpful resources. Like and Follow us on Facebook at MoneyWise Media for videos and the very latest discussion!And remember that it's your prayerful and financial support that keeps MoneyWise on the air. You can help us continue this outreach by clicking the Donate tab at the top of the page.

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