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March 25, 2022

They say, the squeaky wheel gets the oi. and that’s what’s happening now in corporate America. Many of the biggest companies have adopted decidedly ungodly policies. Today on MoneyWise, Robert Netzly explains how activists steer those companies away from biblical values and how Christians can respond. Robert Netzly is CEO of Inspire Investing, an underwriter of this program. He and his team keep a sharp eye on American corporations and their policies. Robert explains that fear and greed have led many companies to engage in policies and practices that disrespect life, promote LGBT activism and oppose religious freedom. FEAR AND GREED Netzly also notes that the J. M. Smucker’s Company, which has been known for successfully standing on wholesome family values for 150 years, has chosen to distance themselves from this foundation because it’s what our competitors are doing. What happened with Smucker’s is what’s happening to many corporations. The radical left has used the media to promote Fear of being canceled and boycotted for standing for any values other than their own. This has brought companies to try and remain relevant by joining the most newsworthy trends and causes to show that they are woke and receive media praise rather than criticism. Legislation like the equality act does this well because on the surface it sounds great no one is opposed to equality. But under the veneer it allows for wicked discrimination. Nelzly says fear of bullying from far-left activists has swayed many corporations, but greed is also a factor. He says there were many times in his organization’s engagement with Smucker’s leadership that Nelzy’s group displayed how the equality act was dangerous to their employee’s livelihood and their historic values. Yet they chose to keep their alignment even in the face of abandoning five generations of values. Why? Because it’s what they believed their shareholders want. In translation, they think there is more money in it for them to walk away from their values than to keep them. Groups like the Human Rights Campaign, canvas companies with constant engagement. Their agenda promotes fear of being canceled for being on the wrong side of history and their campaign is deeply deceptive, claiming to promote equality while being heinously discriminatory. They wield a lot of influence with left-leaning media, and that coverage propagates their agenda and promotes fear of being canceled, along with major celebrity influencers and monolithic corporations that champion the agenda. They are highly funded with government grants and major endowments that allow them to market and engage well. Then they piggyback on this media coverage with shareholder resolutions or informal engagement efforts to convince companies that everyone wants you to do what we are saying. Companies need to hear from Christian investors to balance the conversation and shatter that echo chamber. ENVIRONMENTAL, SOCIAL AND GOVERNANCE INVESTING A lot of this is done under the guise of something called ESG. ESG stands for Environmental, Social and Governance investing. While ESG may sound noble, it is largely used to promote extreme versions of woke political ideology. For example, secular ESG advocates for broad abortion access and seeks to undermine tolerance for religious beliefs about marriage while promoting radical LGBT activism. How does the proxy system work for shareholder meetings? Shareholders of record (usually a 2 year hold minimum) can file a resolution. Companies typically try to get resolutions dismissed, but if worded and positioned shrewdly, these resolutions can make it onto the official agenda for a shareholder vote published in annual meeting summary typically do not pass, but companies often settle off the record to make the issue go away. The impact of these squeaky wheels exceeds their actual numbers. But sadly perception is reality to most. Companies are not hearing from Christian shareholders to advocate for life and balance the conversation by bringing proper perspective to Christian values and expose the reality hidden in these horrid agendas. TAKING A STAND We can all become squeaky wheels and engage companies to let them know that we do not' want them to support things like the equality act or abortion legislation and philanthropy. The faith-based community controls 20 Trillion dollars in the market and that matters! Netzly says his organization has seen success with companies such as Costco and chevron. Learn about the companies you own at inspire insight. com, what legislation are they involved in, what philanthropy are they supporting, what issues are they pushing. Engage these companies by calling and emailing investor relations to urge them to change their ways. Contact us at Inspire Investing if you would like our help with the engagement. If companies won’t listen, then sell out of your investments with them. If investors don’t have the conviction to sell, companies will never take us seriously. Invest your money with companies that glorify God and steward your resources well. Inspire can help. Learn more LISTENER QUESTIONS On today’s program, Rob also answers listener questions: ●How should a person manage the purchase of a property when their spouse is in hospice care? ●What is the best way to get started with an investment plan?

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