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Healthcare Trends and Changes With Lauren Gajdek


Christian talk radio with Rob West

April 25, 2022

Hi, I’m Rob West. Like many industries, healthcare has struggled with a tightening labor market that was already causing problems even before the pandemic. This is impacting the relationship many patients have with their healthcare providers. Lauren Gajdek with Christian Healthcare Ministries joins us today to talk about those issues. Lauren Gajdek is vice president of communications and media at Christian Healthcare Ministries, an underwriter of this program with an alternative way believers can meet their health care costs. HEALTHCARE COST AND ACCESS The healthcare industry was dealing with staffing shortagesbeforeCOVID-19 arrived, but the pandemic has accelerated those trends while driving up healthcare costs overall. However, Gajdek says that has not had a meaningful impact on Christian Healthcare Ministries’ (CHM’s) ability to serve members and share healthcare costs. Even as the pandemic appears to be winding down, COVID is still straining healthcare systems as people seek medical care for other conditions for which they may have delayed treatment during the pandemic. But CHM members have an advantage in finding care they need because they are not limited to a network of particular providers. They are free to seek medicare anywhere from any provider, in accordance with organization’s guidelines. CHM does not have a healthcare provider network. TELE-MEDICINE The pandemic fueled an explosion of interest in tele-health visits. Tele-health visits are also eligible for sharing for CHM members. The organization has also launched a tele-health program called Healthiest You, which provides free tele-medicine support. The program has saved members almost $7 million dollars since October. This is largely intended for everyday malities that people may experience. It’s a 24/7 service with a mobile app connecting members with board certified physicians. Gajdek said tele-health does not seem to have been impacted by staffing shortages to the same extent as conventional office visits. WHAT IS A CHRISTIAN HEALTHCARE COST SHARING? Health cost sharing is not insurance. It’s a way to satisfy your healthcare costs and help fellow Christians while upholding your Christian beliefs and sticking to your budget. CHM is celebrating 40 years as the nation’s first and longest-serving health cost sharing ministry. On today’s program, Rob also answers listener questions: ●How are beneficiaries determined without a will? ●Is there a good way to get out of a timeshare? ●What would be a good investment option for a person in her 80s? RESOURCES MENTIONED: ●Ally Bank ●Capitol One 360 Checking ●Marcus

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