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Empty Nest Finances Pt. 1 With Jim Burns


Christian talk radio with Rob West

April 26, 2022

Today on MoneyWise, we’ll talk about empty nest syndrome for parents with a financial twist. Author Dr. Jim Burns joins Rob West today to discuss that. Jim Burns, author of Find Joy In the Empty Nest: Discover Purpose and Passion In the Next Stage of Life. Entering the empty nest phase of life can be a sad and challenging time for many parents. But Burns says when the kids leave the house it’s time to also follow their lead by filling up your life with some really good things. FINANCES FOR EMPTY NEST PARENTS This is a time for us as parents to help our children to make wise financial choices at the start of their adult lives. To the extent that they’re willing to listen, parents continue to mentor their kids after they leave the proverbial nest. It’s also time to reevaluate your goals and how you’re handling money in this new season of life. It’s also crucial for mom and dad to communicate and get on the same page about how much financial assistance you’re willing to offer to your adult children. This can become a point of friction between parents. Often one parent wants to offer more financial help to the kids, while the other parent is concerned that they may be enabling them and preventing them from learning to become independent of their parents. Burns says for this reason, it’s important to talk with a financial planner about this, but it may also make a lot of sense to talk with a Christian family/marriage counselor. Learn more about Jim Burns at HomeWord.com. On today’s program, Rob also answers listener questions: ●What is the future of cryptocurrencies as a government backed currency? ●How should you manage roth accounts? ●Do you need to make out a new will when you move to a new state? ●Are there govt regulations regarding how much a property owner can raise your rent?

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